Smarties Pops – Transcendentally Yummy!


I LOVE Smarties Pops, or Lollies as they are also called.  They are like a subtle, large SweeTart, and IMHO are much better tasting than regular Smarties.

Unfortunately Smarties Pops are somewhat hard to find, and once found, can be somewhat pricey.  Bummer!

But fellow Smarties Pops lovers, fret no more!  It’s Awkward Uncle to the rescue!  Uncle has Smarties Pops for sale in these combinations:

Mega Smarties Lollies, 60 Count

Smarties Double Lollies, 9oz Bag

Smarties Double Lollies, 200 Count

Smarties Double Lollies Wrapped 3LB Bag

Smarties Double Lollies, 1 Pound

Smarties Pops 120 Piece Jar

Smarties Double Lollies (Pack of 120)


I can feel the SUGAR RUSH coming already!


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