The Inner Life of Sluts


Okay …… so we’re not exactly sure how to approach this subject.

On the one hand, we have the decidedly masculine approach of “poking anything and everything with hair on it”:  basically having sex with as many different partners, as often as possible, as is feasible from a legal, semi-moral, (don’t want to be too much of an asshole), and non-STD catching perspective.  Sex is fun; let’s not overthink the ramifications of it.

On the other hand …… every act of intercourse is, for a fertile woman, a possible creation of a new life.  (Contraception, short of a vasectomy or having your tubes tied, isn’t 100% effective.)  And there are other, deep emotional concerns that arise with the feminine perspective on sex, the uniting of two bodies, however temporarily.

The “have sex with anything that moves” viewpoint is most vigorously represented by the two books “Walking the wild Side: The Life of a Sex Tourist” and “The Sex Tourism Handbook: Bed-Hopping in Bangkok, Rio, Prague, and Around the World.  If getting laid is your prime concern in life, then these books are for you.  (As is the International Sex Guide website.)

Toning down this extreme approach is “How to Meet and Date Younger Women“, a much better choice if you desire to do more with a young lady than just fuck her.  (And for you youngsters, here’s a Cougar Catching Guide.)

Then there is the other point of view, the belief that sex is not a flippant feel-good game that should be played by near-strangers, but rather a deeply meaningful activity that is an affirmation of life itself.  (Or something like that.)  This, shall we say, “female” approach frowns on casual couplings, and is represented by books such as “Love Sick: One Woman’s Journey through Sexual Addiction“, and “Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity“.

Like we said at the beginning of this post, we’re not sure exactly what to think about all this.  The bad effects of promiscuity on young women, (and probably many men), are there for all to see, if you want to look beneath the surface.  On the other hand …… what guy wouldn’t want to spend some “quality time” with any one, (or two), of those chicks on the cover of that sex tourism book?



We know how Uncle feels about this, (“Bring on the girls!”, he’d say), but how do YOU feel?  Can someone be promiscuous without being a jerk? Does it matter?  Does the necessity of getting your rocks off trump any ethical concerns?

Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll!!

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